Features to look for in an inversion table for people with backaches

Are you looking for a back pain reliever? Did you decide to try the Inversion table therapy?

An Inversion table is an effective way to relieve your back pain and get rid of stiff joints but choosing one for yourself can be a little tricky. Not sure which inversion table to choose for yourself?

Here are a bunch of factors you need to consider before selecting an Inversion table for yourself:


This is yet another important factor to consider when buying an Inversion table. You want a table with proper padding and which will provide you with adequate support and if a table provides you with lumbar support, then it is even better.

Usually, these lumbar supports are removable so if you are uncomfortable, you can remove them too.

inversion table


One of the most important factor to consider is whether you have enough space for a large inversion table or not.

If the answer is no, then you would need to find one which can be easily folded and stored but doesn’t lack in the department of durability and sturdiness.

Controllable Inversion angle

The most important thing to consider when buying an Inversion table for yourself is that whether you can control the angle of the inversion or not. Although most models will provide you with this feature, it is always good to double check.

You would need this control so as to get used to an angle before you make your way all through to the 90-degree angle as that can be a little dizzying on the first attempt.

Inversion angle

Frame quality

Another important factor to consider while buying an Inversion table for yourself is the frame material that is used. You will be putting your whole body weight on this table so, it is important you choose one which is durable and won’t break under your weight.

Go for steel frames with non-skid floor protectors so that the table is durable and won’t move when you are using it. Also, make sure that you check the maximum weight on the Inversion table before selecting one for yourself.


This is one of the most important points to keep in mind while buying an Inversion table. Make sure that you go for a table which is safe and secure and won’t cause you any harm when using it.

Check out inversion table review for an inversion table which has steel frames, floor stabilizers, ankle locks, etc. to ensure your inversion table’s durability and safety.

Safety is Key

Budget and brand

Well, last but not the least, you also need to consider your budget and the brand reputation. Make sure that you don’t choose a cheap version from an unknown brand as they are most likely to break and injure you in the process.

Always go for an Inversion table which is budget-friendly and from a reputed brand as this will ensure that you are getting a good quality product for yourself. Make sure you always put quality over price whenever selecting and Inversion table for yourself.

7 Safety tips for moms using elliptical trainers at home

An Elliptical Machine is your best friend when you want to perform low impact, high-intensity workouts and are extremely easy to use and set up but that doesn’t mean that you can’t injure yourself while using it.

elliptical machine

There are some rules and conventions that you need to follow before you start a vigorous exercise routine on your elliptical machine to ensure your safety and security. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for having a safe elliptical training workout:

Don’t rush

The first rule for any gym equipment is that you need to start slow and give your body a little time to adjust before you dive into a more intense training session.

You need to first step on your machine slowly and safely and then start the machine. Start with a normal pace for 5-10 minutes to get yourself warmed up and then slowly increase the resistance and intensity once your body gets used to it.

Stay balanced

Another important tip to keep in mind while working on your elliptical machine is that you need to keep your weight evenly distributed while working out and avoid leaning in the front as this might lead to an injury and could be really bad for your training.


Use the resistance

If you keep on working on the same level and just try to increase your speed, you won’t feel any effect on your body because an elliptical machine is made to support you during a training and without any resistance, it won’t provide you with a proper workout.

So, make sure that you increase the resistance and use it in your workout as it would require more muscle power and would actually help in your workout. 

Use the handrails

Those handrails are built for a reason, they are there to keep you safe and secure. So, make sure you always hold on to them while working out on your elliptical machine and keep a strong hold on them but not too tightly too, just keep a light hold so that you don’t slip or trip while working out.

Hand Rails

Drink water

Working out can strip you of your liquids as sweat for long hours so make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated as this is important to maintain your energy and work for a longer time on your elliptical machine.

Observe your heart rate

Always keep a note of your heart rate and if it increases the desired rate, then you need to slow down and cool off for a few minutes.

Then after some time, you can again start your intense workout. Make sure you always keep your heart rate in check and don’t overdo it. Read reviews here to find out about elliptical machines with well-detailed display monitors.

Maintain a proper posture

A good posture is extremely important while working on your elliptical machine. If you don’t maintain a proper posture, then you won’t have a proper training workout and you will be quite uncomfortable and stiff later on.

So, always maintain a straight back and keep your core into a perfect posture to get the most out of your workout. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the right posture.

5 Marathon Mistakes You’d like to Avoid this Year

Running a marathon could be one of the most rewarding sports out there but a slight mistake and you could lose your whole mojo in a second.

After spending hours of practice, just a minor mistake could ruin your race and in some cases your career for you. So the next time when you participate in a marathon, remember to avoid these following mistakes because they could cost you your entire season.

Training too hard on weekends

Many marathoners forget that your body requires rest and pushing it too hard won’t get you the outcome which you are looking for. If your body remains too tired, you wouldn’t last for more than 5 seconds on the major marathon day.

It is advised by all trainers and successful marathoners that while training, make sure that you run one day hard and then let your body recover the days after that. There is no need to tire your body every day.

There is nothing wrong with giving your body a chance to recover from its high paced training else you might run a risk of getting burnt out.

Building speed too soon

A lot of marathoners make the mistake of building their speed too soon which isn’t really the right way to go about it as in the starting you don’t have enough stamina or strength to give a consistent performance.

Build your speed gradually, increase your speed by 10% every week so that your body gets used to it and adjusts according to your new increased speed.

Increasing your speed too aggressively won’t help you in the long run and even if you win a marathon this weekend, chances are you would be too tired for your next marathon.

Going too fast

Many marathoners get too excited and forget that building speed is the key. If you start your run with your fastest speed, it is more likely that by the end of the marathon you would either burn out or be too tired to complete the rest of the marathon with the same speed.

Instead make sure that even if you start too fast too soon, you reign in yourself by your 2nd or the 3rd mile and then later again gain momentum seeing when the time is right. This would not only help you in conserving your strength till the end of the marathon but give you the necessary boost when the time is right.

Not training according to your marathon

Another mistake commonly made is the assumption that all the marathons require the same amount of training. Well, this is a completely wrong idea because a marathon which involves high altitude is bound to be more difficult than a marathon conducted on the plain ground.

Prepare according to your marathon conditions, if it is going to be a cold place, prep your body to be able to face the adverse conditions slowly and gradually. Do not head jump into the training, and make sure you take a diet fit according to your marathon condition. At the end it is not about how long you trained, it is about how well you trained.

Not eating the perfect diet

Marathoners often tend to ignore that their dietary habits play a big role in deciding whether they are going to win the marathon or not. Too few carbs or not enough food while training could end up in being a disaster for you on the big day.

Train yourself to take in food which would provide you with more strength and boost your speed rather than slow you down. While training, make sure you make stops to fuel you up.

Many times marathoners forget to train in this aspect and on race day often wonder when’s the right time to fuel up their energy.

Here’s a must read diet guide

Marathons are not all about speed and momentum. It requires a certain amount of planning too. If you don’t plan and train accordingly, you are bound to lose. So train hard but play harder.

6 Reasons why every Mom should take up running

We all know that running daily could improve your stamina and endurance levels and makes you fitter and healthier. But apart from that, running can also help you mentally which is equally important for a healthy human being. A healthy mind and a healthy body is the key to a happy soul.

So we present to you these 5 ways in which running will prove to not only improve your health but also motivate you to take it up as soon as possible.

Helps in dealing with Stress and Depression

Running makes sure that you are tired and helps you in sleeping properly at night. After a work day, you are bound to have a little stress and running is the best cure for that. Just go for a run in the park or around the block and you will feel refreshed and be in a better mood in no time.

When you run, your body secretes hormones which help in improving your mood and rapidly treat your depression. So, if you ever feel stressed or depressed go out for a run and after a few minutes itself, you will end up feeling light as a feather and much happier.

Prevents diseases

It is known that running can lower the risk of cancer if not completely prevent it.  Also, it can improve a cancer patient’s life that is currently going through chemotherapy.

Not only this, running helps in strengthening your muscles and bones so that you don’t suffer from any kind of back pains or muscle tear.

A lot of family and friends might tell you that running is bad for your knee but it’s not true. In fact, some studies show that running improves your knee health apart from protecting you from other diseases. So take up running and see for yourself how healthy and fit you turn out to be.

Weight loss

It is a common knowledge that running helps in burning a lot of calories which can, in turn, help you to lose that extra pound of weight which you have been carrying for a while now.

So if you start running regularly you are bound to lose some of that unnecessary fat and have a toned and slim figure in no time. It not only helps in losing weight but also in maintaining weight. So go for running whenever you feel like you are gaining a few extra pounds and become slim again in a few days.

Have a better appetite

Running makes sure that you lose weight while eating a healthy amount of food and not cutting out on your diet for the sake of losing calories. Sounds like perfection, right?

Once you start running, you will see an increase in your appetite but don’t worry this won’t increase your weight. You will end up eating better and healthier food and any food intake which is more than the prescribed calorie amount for you in a day can easily be burned while running.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me really.

Adds years to your life

It makes your lungs and hearts stronger because as you run, it pushes your heart and lungs to its limits. It makes sure that your arteries remain unblocked and helps in building your stamina. As a result, your heart learns to pump blood faster and your lungs learn to hold out for longer distances.

All these benefits will make sure that you live longer if you keep on following through this healthy exercise.

Keeps you sharper as you age

We all know that as we age, we start becoming duller and duller. But running makes sure that your brain remains active even as you age. This is because running makes sure that your oxygen intake is appropriate which in return helping your brain is functioning properly.

It makes you aware of your surroundings and keeps your senses sharp. Studies have shown that aged people who were fitter showed better results than those who didn’t exercise much.

So what are you waiting for? Take out your shoes and go for a run in the park right now and witness the above-mentioned benefits for yourself.