6 Reasons why every mom needs a rowing machine at home

While there are a lot of fitness machines out there to help you with your training, rowing machines have proven to be really helpful and more multi purpose than a lot of those other machines. It is a great way to exercise your whole body at the same time as it mimics the working of an actual rowing boat and a really good way to lose weight and tone body. Rowing machines have numerous advantages which make it a really good way to exercise. Check out these 6 benefits of rowing machines to get you motivated and take up this

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5 Marathon Mistakes You’d like to Avoid this Year

Running a marathon could be one of the most rewarding sports out there but a slight mistake and you could lose your whole mojo in a second. After spending hours of practice, just a minor mistake could ruin your race and in some cases your career for you. So the next time when you participate in a marathon, remember to avoid these following mistakes because they could cost you your entire season. Training too hard on weekends Many marathoners forget that your body requires rest and pushing it too hard won’t get you the outcome which you are looking for.

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6 Reasons why every Mom should take up running

We all know that running daily could improve your stamina and endurance levels and makes you fitter and healthier. But apart from that, running can also help you mentally which is equally important for a healthy human being. A healthy mind and a healthy body is the key to a happy soul. So we present to you these 5 ways in which running will prove to not only improve your health but also motivate you to take it up as soon as possible. Helps in dealing with Stress and Depression Running makes sure that you are tired and helps you

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