Features to look for in an inversion table for people with backaches

Are you looking for a back pain reliever? Did you decide to try the Inversion table therapy?

An Inversion table is an effective way to relieve your back pain and get rid of stiff joints but choosing one for yourself can be a little tricky. Not sure which inversion table to choose for yourself?

Here are a bunch of factors you need to consider before selecting an Inversion table for yourself:


This is yet another important factor to consider when buying an Inversion table. You want a table with proper padding and which will provide you with adequate support and if a table provides you with lumbar support, then it is even better.

Usually, these lumbar supports are removable so if you are uncomfortable, you can remove them too.

inversion table


One of the most important factor to consider is whether you have enough space for a large inversion table or not.

If the answer is no, then you would need to find one which can be easily folded and stored but doesn’t lack in the department of durability and sturdiness.

Controllable Inversion angle

The most important thing to consider when buying an Inversion table for yourself is that whether you can control the angle of the inversion or not. Although most models will provide you with this feature, it is always good to double check.

You would need this control so as to get used to an angle before you make your way all through to the 90-degree angle as that can be a little dizzying on the first attempt.

Inversion angle

Frame quality

Another important factor to consider while buying an Inversion table for yourself is the frame material that is used. You will be putting your whole body weight on this table so, it is important you choose one which is durable and won’t break under your weight.

Go for steel frames with non-skid floor protectors so that the table is durable and won’t move when you are using it. Also, make sure that you check the maximum weight on the Inversion table before selecting one for yourself.


This is one of the most important points to keep in mind while buying an Inversion table. Make sure that you go for a table which is safe and secure and won’t cause you any harm when using it.

Check out inversion table review for an inversion table which has steel frames, floor stabilizers, ankle locks, etc. to ensure your inversion table’s durability and safety.

Safety is Key

Budget and brand

Well, last but not the least, you also need to consider your budget and the brand reputation. Make sure that you don’t choose a cheap version from an unknown brand as they are most likely to break and injure you in the process.

Always go for an Inversion table which is budget-friendly and from a reputed brand as this will ensure that you are getting a good quality product for yourself. Make sure you always put quality over price whenever selecting and Inversion table for yourself.

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