5 Marathon Mistakes You’d like to Avoid this Year

Running a marathon could be one of the most rewarding sports out there but a slight mistake and you could lose your whole mojo in a second.

After spending hours of practice, just a minor mistake could ruin your race and in some cases your career for you. So the next time when you participate in a marathon, remember to avoid these following mistakes because they could cost you your entire season.

Training too hard on weekends

Many marathoners forget that your body requires rest and pushing it too hard won’t get you the outcome which you are looking for. If your body remains too tired, you wouldn’t last for more than 5 seconds on the major marathon day.

It is advised by all trainers and successful marathoners that while training, make sure that you run one day hard and then let your body recover the days after that. There is no need to tire your body every day.

There is nothing wrong with giving your body a chance to recover from its high paced training else you might run a risk of getting burnt out.

Building speed too soon

A lot of marathoners make the mistake of building their speed too soon which isn’t really the right way to go about it as in the starting you don’t have enough stamina or strength to give a consistent performance.

Build your speed gradually, increase your speed by 10% every week so that your body gets used to it and adjusts according to your new increased speed.

Increasing your speed too aggressively won’t help you in the long run and even if you win a marathon this weekend, chances are you would be too tired for your next marathon.

Going too fast

Many marathoners get too excited and forget that building speed is the key. If you start your run with your fastest speed, it is more likely that by the end of the marathon you would either burn out or be too tired to complete the rest of the marathon with the same speed.

Instead make sure that even if you start too fast too soon, you reign in yourself by your 2nd or the 3rd mile and then later again gain momentum seeing when the time is right. This would not only help you in conserving your strength till the end of the marathon but give you the necessary boost when the time is right.

Not training according to your marathon

Another mistake commonly made is the assumption that all the marathons require the same amount of training. Well, this is a completely wrong idea because a marathon which involves high altitude is bound to be more difficult than a marathon conducted on the plain ground.

Prepare according to your marathon conditions, if it is going to be a cold place, prep your body to be able to face the adverse conditions slowly and gradually. Do not head jump into the training, and make sure you take a diet fit according to your marathon condition. At the end it is not about how long you trained, it is about how well you trained.

Not eating the perfect diet

Marathoners often tend to ignore that their dietary habits play a big role in deciding whether they are going to win the marathon or not. Too few carbs or not enough food while training could end up in being a disaster for you on the big day.

Train yourself to take in food which would provide you with more strength and boost your speed rather than slow you down. While training, make sure you make stops to fuel you up.

Many times marathoners forget to train in this aspect and on race day often wonder when’s the right time to fuel up their energy.

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Marathons are not all about speed and momentum. It requires a certain amount of planning too. If you don’t plan and train accordingly, you are bound to lose. So train hard but play harder.