7 Safety tips for moms using elliptical trainers at home

An Elliptical Machine is your best friend when you want to perform low impact, high-intensity workouts and are extremely easy to use and set up but that doesn’t mean that you can’t injure yourself while using it.

elliptical machine

There are some rules and conventions that you need to follow before you start a vigorous exercise routine on your elliptical machine to ensure your safety and security. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for having a safe elliptical training workout:

Don’t rush

The first rule for any gym equipment is that you need to start slow and give your body a little time to adjust before you dive into a more intense training session.

You need to first step on your machine slowly and safely and then start the machine. Start with a normal pace for 5-10 minutes to get yourself warmed up and then slowly increase the resistance and intensity once your body gets used to it.

Stay balanced

Another important tip to keep in mind while working on your elliptical machine is that you need to keep your weight evenly distributed while working out and avoid leaning in the front as this might lead to an injury and could be really bad for your training.


Use the resistance

If you keep on working on the same level and just try to increase your speed, you won’t feel any effect on your body because an elliptical machine is made to support you during a training and without any resistance, it won’t provide you with a proper workout.

So, make sure that you increase the resistance and use it in your workout as it would require more muscle power and would actually help in your workout. 

Use the handrails

Those handrails are built for a reason, they are there to keep you safe and secure. So, make sure you always hold on to them while working out on your elliptical machine and keep a strong hold on them but not too tightly too, just keep a light hold so that you don’t slip or trip while working out.

Hand Rails

Drink water

Working out can strip you of your liquids as sweat for long hours so make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated as this is important to maintain your energy and work for a longer time on your elliptical machine.

Observe your heart rate

Always keep a note of your heart rate and if it increases the desired rate, then you need to slow down and cool off for a few minutes.

Then after some time, you can again start your intense workout. Make sure you always keep your heart rate in check and don’t overdo it. Read reviews here to find out about elliptical machines with well-detailed display monitors.

Maintain a proper posture

A good posture is extremely important while working on your elliptical machine. If you don’t maintain a proper posture, then you won’t have a proper training workout and you will be quite uncomfortable and stiff later on.

So, always maintain a straight back and keep your core into a perfect posture to get the most out of your workout. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the right posture.